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A day with me

Another day of a ceramic day

The clay studio is probably where I spend most of the time in, except my home and bed. Here is where everything were born, ideas were brewed, skills were nurtured.


Not just only that one studio, is every studios that I have worked in. The concept of the space of a studio is interesting, is always something going on. Sometimes could be quite happening, sometimes could be peaceful and quiet.

Showing some of the working clips that I filmed while I still have a free hand.

Some musics are done while I have a bit of time at night.

Join me a day in the beautiful studio.

A day with me
⁌Another day of a ceramic day⁍

ep.0.1 | Glazing

⁌Another day of a ceramic day⁍

ep.1 | Throwing episode

So... let's start with some throwing?

Is that how you start your afternoon?

⁌Another day of a ceramic day⁍

ep.2 | Trimming afternoon

What do you do after throwing?

Of course you trim it! Was quite a chill trimming afternoon.

Hope you have a chill one as well, enjoy ~ ♡

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