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Tuesday Night Handbuilding Class

Handbuiding Class
We will try it all

Handbuilding is a perfect form of creation in ceramics to unleash your creativity. You can create a functional artistic vase or a decorative abstract kind of art piece.

In this course we will learn:



●Slab building


●Clay texture explore

●Glazing and decoration

Finally you will be glazing your own piece with different glazing technique to decorate your piece.

Each learning objective will take at least 1 session. The best way to learn is to come up with your own design/ project, could be as simple as like a vase, a plate then we will build things and technique on from there.

Your way to start your clay journey!

◉Every Tuesday 3 hrs, 7-10pm

◉14 Arumugam Rd, MacPherson, Singapore 409959

$80 SGD per session*

*All material and tool included

*Firing fee calculated as $0.012 SGD /cm³

Handbuilding tools
Handbuilding works glaze
Handbuilding works idea
Handbuilding works
Handbuilding works
Handbuilding works
Handbuilding works slab building
Handbuilding works Christmas tree
Handbuilding students works
Handbuilding works Finished works
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