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Colours of Waves Serving plate set

Colours of Waves Serving plate set


Inspiration and design:

A set of shallow designed serving plates with a playful dripping glaze on the rim in classic celadon colour with subtle gradient changes, capturing from the colour of the horizons. 

Colour and story:

The finishing of the outside and the inside of the plate is in ivory white colour with a semi glossy finishing showing the pattern of speckles of the clay.

Dimensions, quantity and firing:

Set of plate comes in 3 sizes:
S/ 10W x 2H cm
M/ 15W x 2.5H cm
L/ 19W x 2.7H cm

Each of your order will come in set of three pieces. Including size of small, medium and large.

Pieces are glazed with food safe and lead free glaze. All works are 100% food safe and microwave safe.

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