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Thursday/Fridays Night Pottery
Wheel Throwing Class

Thurday night pottery
Learn at your own pace

This is a continue on going course, which we will have class on every Thursday, you can join us whenever you are ready. We will learn from basics and slowly progress on, at your own most comfortable pace.

In this course we will learn:

●Basic wheel throwing

●Trimming and touch up

●Glazing and decoration

Each learning objective will take at least 1 session. You will be able to get your own very first pottery after at least 3-4 sessions.

From basic skills we will slowly progress on by:

●Practicing and familiar with the skills more

●Learning different throwing methods and techniques

●How do we make our own piece unique

●Different types of glaze application and more fun projects...

It's very happy to see the Thursday night class family is growing bigger slowly. And very proud to see our participants are getting more and more independent. Come and join us and start your special relationship with the clay in this pottery journey!

Practice makes Perfect.

◉Every Thursday 3 hrs, 7-10pm

◉14 Arumugam Rd, MacPherson, Singapore 409959


◉Every Friday 3 hrs, 7-10pm

◉120 Hillview Ave, Singapore 669594

$80 SGD per session*

*All material and tool included

*Firing fee calculated as $0.012 SGD /cm³

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